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Origami envelope with crane, (nvidgen0029)

Photo tutorial for making origami envelope with crane.

Origami dinosaurs

A short video showing a scene with origiami dinosaurs.

Origami fan-tail crane, (nvidgen0030)

Photo tutorial for making origami fan-tail crane.

Guide to origami

Guide to origami - Origami is the Japanese art of paper folding. Origami is an easy to learn craft.

Best from the web - Top Origami websites

A selection of great websites for origami

Explanation of paper thickness

This is a guide to rhinestone beads used in jewellery making.


What are washi origami

Washi origami papers are made from washi papers and have traditional japanese patterns.  They are thicker than normal origami papers.
These papers are square shape and can be used in a wide range of origami projects.

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